The best startup apps sports that you need to download now!

Sports programs are no longer a gimmick, but a standard phenomenon. Everyone uses apps for fitness or yoga classes, to find gyms nearby or just to keep track of their performance. There are probably many useful platforms on your iPhone or Android and you’ve downloaded some of the sports apps more than once to start your yoga journey.

Some of your friends may be using programs to train in meditation or personal strength training. There are even programs from individual clubs, like the Nike Sports Club, which consists of a large network of community coaches, followers, fans, and just plain Nike fans.

Why do you need sports apps?

If there were no programs, people wouldn’t be able to work out at home, keep fit when they travel, and just learn new things. In addition, there are other benefits and reasons why sports projects are important.

Pros of sports startup programs:

  • Cheaper than going to the gym;
  • Available to all users who have a phone;
  • Easier to train at a time that is convenient to you;
  • Opportunity to meet other athletes;
  • The opportunity to discover new workouts.

Many people just don’t feel comfortable going to the gym. They are embarrassed by looks and want to keep their privacy, others simply don’t have time to this, and in this case, training over the phone solves everything.

5 Best Sport Startup Apps

What interesting programs can you download to your phones now and which are just in development, like projects in sports?

BuddyUp – play together

This startup offers to find a workout buddy near you. If you don’t have friends who want to support your exercise initiative, this is a cool solution.

Buzzer – keep an eye out for the important

Athletes often watch the news, so that they don’t miss anything important in their field, they came up with this program. You can choose which sport you are interested in and watch it.


In it, you can pump up your basketball skills from home. Plenty of practice and tips


Exercise and entertainment. It is a series in which you have to repeat the exercises of the main character.


A project soccer fan. Keeps track of important indicators. It will be very useful for professional soccer players.

Every week there are new and interesting solutions that take training, playing ball, and even swimming to the next level. In addition, big companies are also developing the idea of streaming services to sports, which is driving the popularity of such projects.