The Best Sports Fast-Growing Startups

It is very difficult for a new project to go from an idea to the creation of a perfect application, or a real device. It often takes months or even years for a program to finally work and be approved by the store. Not to mention promotion and attracting new subscribers.

People need to convey the value of the novelty, to persuade them to buy equipment that is interesting to them, not the traditional one.

10 sport startups that are growing fast

Which of them has already gone their difficult way and now quickly gaining popularity?

OURA smart ring

The OURA smart ring is a discovery in sports. It is comfortable, and at the same time tracks: women’s cycle, heart rate, sleep, and breathing. A real replacement for a smartwatch, and the startup has already released three generations of the device.


A very important project what specializes in promoting sports and boutique brands, helping them grow and develop. Like Kickstarter but for sports. In one month, the platform attracted more than 5,000 participants.


It is an artificial intelligence which can analyze the performance of the people around you. It helps athletes to assess their opponent’s weaknesses and strengths and to choose the right training program.


Aimed at sports education among children, the platform already boasted its development during the pandemic, when schools were closed. Training programs for children kept the body in shape.

Spartan Race

A project what specializes in obstacle course marathons. It offers many interesting techniques, ready-made training plans, and schedules to create the perfect body.


Coaches also need to communicate with each other. And this app, which is now actively used by more than 12,000 people, is a community and a forum. Coaches, fitness gurus, and boxing specialists can communicate with each other and try new things.


You may not have known, but fishing is also a sport. And this project helps you become a better fisherman, with simple and effective tips from famous gurus.


Unfortunately, not all maps offer convenient routes for cyclists. Which’s why this startup appeared, which helps you find companions and just a safe path to ride your bike.


Those who want to practice sailing or just try something new can borrow a boat through this service. The startup is developing very quickly and has received a lot of good feedback from its users.

ONE Championship

If you are interested in mixed martial arts or bare-knuckle fighting, this service can quickly bring you up to speed and show you the coolest moves. In addition, it has a tournament table.

These are the best startups what are gaining popularity right now!