A social network, powered by exercise

Elanation is an award-winning social network for children, 100% committed to health and happiness. Powered by exercise, not ads, our platform inspires children to achieve physical activity goals daily.

A healthy online community

The Elanation social network is safe and fun. Children challenge friends, compete on leaderboards, unlock new skills from professional athletes and more.

Connect with the ETURBO

All digital rewards inside the Elanation social network are unlocked using physical activity. The ETURBO Smart watch is your key to a world of daily goals, rewards and adventure.

  • Better then apple watches, I have an ETURBO and it is great!

    Daniel El-Derini (kid)
  • It used to be hard to get our son to take the dog next door to the park… now he is taking the dog for runs around the block to get the daily steps up! Game changer.

    Dave – Superdad 1 boy
  • Our kids are pooped! They love the challenges and different levels they can unlock- we love the exercise they get and even the dogs get dragged around the place too. Highly recommend it- so much better than a Fitbit which looses its excitement after a few wears.

    Ann King – Supermum with 3 kids
  • This watch is perfect for my 10 year old son. It has all the functionality of the more expensive watches at a very reasonable price. He loves it. The customer service from the company post purchase was brilliant too.

    Leanne Ryan – Supermum 2 boys
  • I was so excited when I got my ETURBO that I asked my dad if I could walk from Adelaide to Sydney! I really like the leaderboards and competing against my sister.

    Jamdog – 8 years