Welcome! ELANATION is a community of Mums and Dads, Designers and Engineers, Kids, Teachers and Athletes all playing their role in building world-class products for kids who love to play!

Elanation’s latest product release is named The ETURBO. Worn by kids across Australia and New Zealand, the ETURBO Smart Watch measures steps, distance and heart rate, plus rewards outdoor play with safe online play – Kids and families are loving it! Our App has ranked in the Top 10 Apps for Kids (9-11years) on the Apple Store.

Elanation continues to win National and International awards for their dedicated mission in “designing products for modern day play”. So, whether you’re ticking off a birthday list item, making up for embarrassing your kid at school, or celebrating your child’s latest school achievement, the team at ELANATION has got you covered. If you are a modern day family, come and join the fun.


Elanation CEO gives Keynote at AWS!

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