ELANATION is a lifestyle technology company 100% committed to kids health, safety and fun. Worn by kids across Australia and New Zealand, our award winning ETURBO Smart Watch is every kids dream companion. We’ve won National and International awards whilst our FREE Kids App has ranked in the Top 10 Apps for Kids (9-11years) on the Apple Store. Join thousands of customers who love us today. 


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  • My two boys are absolutely loving their ETURBO and are obsessed with accumulating steps. They...
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  • Our kids are exhausted! They love the challenges and different levels they can unlock – we...
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  • My 2 boys aged 10 and 8 have been wearing the ETURBO for 2 weeks now and LOVE it! As soon as...
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  • Santa delivered 3 ETURBOS for our boys and they love them. Always on the wrist and comparing...
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  • The kids are wanting to walk to school every day! We love ETURBOs. Having two means the kids are...
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  • I loved filming exclusive sporting videos for the kids! Every day, the kids can unlock a new...
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    Pat McCutcheon
  • I recently purchased 2 Eturbo’s for my boys and they love them. They are ultra competitive...
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    Gavin Bell
  • Great App
    I bought one of these for my nephew age 8 and he loves it!! Great concept and...
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    Benjamin Chivers
  • A positive product connecting physical activity with digital rewards! It is amazing that...
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