Everything you should know about smart bike startup Helmets Lumos Ultra

It’s unusual to hear “smart helmet,” isn’t it? But Lumos is already a well-known sports startup that has produced three generations of smart helmets for sports. They help cyclists around the world stay safe and oriented on the road in bad weather.

A brief history of the Lumos startup

The story began on the streets of Boston, where a team of cycling enthusiasts came together to solve everyone’s problems. For years, bicycle helmets had not moved or evolved anywhere. Something innovative had to be created to be responsible for: protection, navigation, assistance with identification, and performance tracking.

So four generations of Lumos helmets grew up: Ultra, Kickstart, Kickstart Lite, Matrix. The last one, by the way, is still in development.

The startup has no analogs around the world because only they offer high-quality sensors, materials, and at the same time ease of operation, as well as weightlessness of the protective headgear during rides.

What the Lumos smart protective headgear can do

It is a comprehensive device that can do a lot. But it is also recommended for beginners in cycling because the standard of protection is incredible.

A helmet can:

  • 360-degree motion tracking: approaching cars see you and you see them;
  • IPX6 moisture protection;
  • LEDs that show movement;
  • App to plot your ideal route;
  • Chips to keep track of scores and compatibility with Apple Watch;
  • Convenient attachment;
  • Up to 10 hours of use without charging.

The developers are already thinking about how to improve this protective headgear to add new features to it. This is perfectly demonstrated by the new sports startup Matrix. By the way, they also sell bicycle accessories.

Price and value of a startup for the sport of cycling

We don’t know the exact price of the Stratap to buy it. But you can support new releases, through the Kickstarter platform. Analysts speculate that it could cost $100,000, if not more because the technology is unmatched to this day.

The price of the protective headgear, for example, starts at $119 to $299 apiece. This is very good money, considering the features of the protective headgear.

Why is this startup important

Very few developers are interested in cyclists. At the same time, almost every family has a bicycle. This causes a kind of dissonance, because the technology of protective headgear, and protection in this regard has long been outdated and needs to be aggrandized.

This is the way Lumos went about it, to give us a chance to feel safe, safe, and sound. After all, many are afraid to drive in busy cities, for fear of getting hurt or not fitting into traffic. With this protective headgear, you feel free all over again.