How to track your metabolism with the new Ultrahuman Ring

We are no longer surprised that there are smart watches or fitness bracelets that track our vitals: heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, steps, and activity. Every year these technologies step forward, replacing the personal trainer, doctor, and offering answers to the most complex questions.

But the world’s first device that can track such an important metric for athletes as metabolism is relatively new. And it’s one of the best sports technology projects of the last 10 years.

What is Ultrahuman Ring

It’s not the only smart loop in the world, but only this device focuses on giving you comprehensive information about your metabolism. What It Means. The smart device analyzes data from your body temperature, movement, activity, heart rate, and sleep sensors to give an analysis of your nutrition, and blood glucose levels.

The tech startup then makes an assessment: of how well you’re doing, how you’re exercising, and what you need to change. By the way, there is a special subscription in the service for this, so you will need to buy not only a smart device but also the services.

Does it look like a regular?

Yes, it doesn’t stand out by design. That was the point of the sports technology startup. Many athletes can’t wear fitness bracelets because they are big and uncomfortable. Also, if a famous athlete shows up in public wearing a brand, it could be perceived as advertising.

There are not banned, and the Ultrahuman is no different than a normal wedding ring. Therefore, it is comfortable, small, and inconspicuous.

Who uses it yet?

Ultrahuman is an Indian startup. So its promotion started with famous Indian athletes and coaches. Not many people in the world yet know what this little device can do. But we are sure that it could very well change the whole idea of metabolic tracking in the future. Don’t you think so?

It is now being used and advertised:

  • Shreyas Iyer is an Indian Champions League cricket player;
  • HS Prannoy – one of India’s best badminton players, Thomas Cup 2022 medalist;
  • Saurav Ghosal – one of the best squash players from India, bronze medalist in doubles and offset at CWG 2022.

These are some of the stars who have already seen the efficacy and work of the smart device of this sports project. There could be many more in the future, we are sure of it.

After all, metabolic indicators are very important for athletes, and the startup’s development team is working to improve the device and add new features to it.