ELANATION - Be Like Bolt

What's Your Style?

Sweat it Out

Protect your ETURBO during sport with the FLURO ELANATION Sweatband.

Jammin With JAM

You’ll be jammin, mixin and dancin with your new JAM ETURBO Band.
Exclusive to the ELANATION ETURBO.

On Fire With JET

The power of the ETURBO JET Band will have you burning through the playground with force.

Exclusive to the ELANATION ETURBO.

Get Your Glare On With NEON

You’ll be blazing through the sports field with the ELANATION NEON ETURBO Band.

Exclusive to the ELANATION ETURBO Starter Packs.


Shimmer with ELECTRA.

ELECTRA’s mysterious imagination, creative flair and shimmering nature will adds magic to all your activities.

Be Like BOLT Tee

Take flight with BOLT.
BOLT’s competitive nature, cosmic powers, speed and determination will ignite your running performance.

Trade Up

Set goals and complete quests just like your favourite character. Meet BOLT, HOTDOGS, LOTUS and the rest of the gang.

Exclusive to the ELANATION ETURBO Starter Packs.

Stick It On

Who doesn’t love a sticker. The cool ELANATION Hologram Sticker can be used on your child’s favourite hat or device.

Exclusive to the ELANATION ETURBO Starter Pack.

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From our Community

My two boys are absolutely loving their ETURBO and are obsessed with accumulating steps. They were exhausted tonight! Such a great product that incorporates physical activity with electronic play.

Superman, 2 boys

Great App
I bought one of these for my nephew age 8 and he loves it!! Great concept and product!

Benjamin Chivers
SuperDad, 1 son
I loved filming exclusive sporting videos for the kids! Every day, the kids can unlock a new sporting tip or trick video after they sync their 10,000 steps – how cool is that!
Pat McCutcheon