Staying healthy is always fun with Elanation!

Welcome to the ELANATION KIDS APP. Compatible with every ETURBO Activity Wearable, the FREE ELANATION iOS and Android app is a cyber-safe, fun and inspiring community for kids to enjoy; Sync your ETURBO steps and track your progress, compete against your friends and the community, unlock inspiring sports videos with every 10,000 steps, power up your avatar, accept quests and safe chat with friends.

Track Steps

Track the community and your steps on our leaderboards.

Get Rewarded

Unlock secret videos from Professional Athletes for every 10,000 steps. 

Share with Friends

Have fun sharing your steps and cool emoji’s with your friends safely.

App Screenshots

Easy Sync

Automatically sync steps from today and the past 6 days.

Upgrade Your Character

Unlock BUZZY BEE, HOTDOGS and other costumes with your steps. 

Explore Base Camp

Build, decorate and explore your very own Base Camp with coloured blocks and space additions.

Level Up in Action Zone

Jump in your spaceship to level up, mine and defeat monsters in Action Zone.

One Device for the whole family

You can set up all your kids accounts on one Device.

* Earn Rewards

The Elanation Kids App incorporates a sophisticated algorithm to encourage a healthy physical-digital play experience for children. It requires children to move with the ETURBO in order to be rewarded with their daily entertainment and social online time. 

App Videos

From our Community

My two boys are absolutely loving their ETURBO and are obsessed with accumulating steps. They were exhausted tonight! Such a great product that incorporates physical activity with electronic play.

Superman, 2 boys
Santa delivered 3 ETURBOS for our boys and they love them. Always on the wrist and comparing steps to see when they can unlock a new video – some great tricks to learn! The kids have spent less time on the iPad this summer and more time counting steps!
Dad, 3 sons

I recently purchased 2 Eturbo’s for my boys and they love them. They are ultra competitive being twins and this is a brilliant way for them be be even more active.

Aside from being an amazing product, you get such great customer service from the whole team!

Gavin Bell
SuperDad, 2 boys
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