WIN Exclusive Prizes! 

Elanation ETURBO kids will now be able to unlock real world prizes for their hard earned steps.

To go into the draw, all you need to do is work as a community to reach certain step targets within the Elanation companion app. Stay tuned for step goals via the newsfeed section in the Elanation app. 

Good Luck!


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My 8 year old’s transformation into a more active and well-balanced person began with the first seconds he donned his ETURBO+.  He is so encouraged to MOVE now, that he has done less sitting and lying around playing video games or watching gamers on YouTube, and spends more time just being active. He goes outside for sprints, then at random moments through the day does a quick swipe of his watch to dance mode and breaks out his moves…he is suddenly playing impromptu soccer games during school recess (in soccer/football mode of course!) and actually wants to learn about footy through the video tips and rules. He thinks his watch and it’s connectivity to the app makes it superior to the Garmins/FitBits he sees on his soccer teammates’ too.

He has always had trouble dealing with losing a game or not performing his best on the field – but this weekend, when his putt-putt golf game was not up to par, he had a meltdown. After a Stern demand that he pull himself together, without any suggestion as to how to get out of his funk, he switched his eTurbo+ to mindfulness mode and did the breathing exercise. It grounded him. He found his centre and finished off the game in better and better spirits. Catastrophe averted!!!

He loves playing the app online, even though he considers himself a “gamer” and plays much more involved things as well – but the incentive to MOVE and unlock more and more points and features is the hook that has kept him 100% involved and the results in his physical and emotional nature are so positive, so obvious. THANK YOU ELANATION!!!!

Matt – Superdad 1 boy

I have two Boys, 1 aged 8 & 1 aged 5. Santa delivered 2 Elanation ETURBO + and popped them under our Christmas Tree!! When the Boys opened them their 1st words were “Best Present Ever”!! They wear them every day to School & Kinder & the 1st thing they do when they see each other, is to check who has done the most steps!! As a Mum I am totally blown away at how many steps their little legs can do in 1 day!! Not a day goes by where they don’t wear them!! Such an Amazing Product for kids & the Customer Service is outstanding!! I would definitely highly recommend this Product to anyone who has kids & is looking to purchase a Fitness Band for them.

Bec – Supermum 2 boys

We bought the ETURBO for our 9 year old son as a birthday present and he just loves it! Running around the playground, jumping on the trampoline and swimming – everything he does he has to have it on his wrist and it has to be tracked so he can compare against my own daily activity.  He loves all the different features such as the heart rate monitor and  it gives him a good balance between screen time and play time. Great customer service backs up the whole operation too. I just can’t find a reason why not to have an ETURBO.

Michael – Superdad 4 kids