Elanation is passionate about kids and their families. In our blogs we like to cover topics such as kids health and activity, kids in the community and how parents connect with their children through digital technology such as wearables and smart devices like iPhones and iPads. We will also share insights about our team’s ongoing journey in designing world-class lifestyle technology products for you and your family.

Screentime. How Elanation is helping you and your family.

For most of us, digital media is a normal part of our daily lives. We use it to learn and to entertain ourselves…we even use it to communicate with each other. Children are early adopters and if your kids are like most, they’ll navigate their way around a new app before breakfast is even finished.

So, how much time is too much time for our children?


Our community say the funniest things!

“If I hop on a plane will I get my steps up?”

Building a community of kids that have a fun and rewarding experience within Elanation was always our team’s vision. This is why we made sure our customers (children) were a part of our design, development and execution process every step of the way.